AYP Academy Teachers

These are the teachers who are currently filming courses for the Academy

AYP Video Courses by Tristan

AYP courses in English by Tristan Dorling, coming soon.

AYP Asana Video Course by Devrim

AYP asana course taught in English by Devrim Zahir, coming soon.

Michael Seidl
AYP Videokurse von Michael Seidl
AYP Videokurse in deutscher Sprache von Michael erscheinen bald.

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Freddy Isacksson
Cursos de vídeo AYP por Freddy

Curso de meditação AYP ministrado em Português por Freddy Isacksson, já disponível.

Video Courses That are Currently Being Filmed

• 4-Week Course in English: Samyama

• 4-Week Course in English: Spinal Breathing Pranayama

• 21-day Course in English: AYP Pranayama

• 8-Week Course in Portuguese: Deep Meditation and Spinal Breathing Pranayama

• 4-Week Course in English: Self-Inquiry (Jnana Yoga)

New Book Available

Kundalini Awakening: Questions and Answers

by Tristan Dorling

This new book is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle. It should also be available as a paperback on Amazon in the next few days.

The e-book preview on Amazon contains a description of Tristan's first silent meditation retreat in a cave monastery in Northern Thailand.


If you have any questions about the AYP Online Video Courses or Academy Community then use the button below to contact Tristan. It will take you to the AYP International Contact page.

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