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What are yoga asanas?

Day 1: “Yoga Asanas in AYP”

In this lesson we will delve into the AYP system of yoga and explore the role of yoga asanas within this comprehensive approach. Let's uncover how asanas, meditation, and pranayama intertwine to create a harmonious yoga practice.

In the AYP system, the journey begins with Deep Meditation and Spinal Breathing Pranayama. These practices lay the foundation for our exploration of yoga asanas. Yogani, the esteemed author of the AYP online lessons, emphasises the interconnectedness of asanas with the other limbs of yoga. As we progress through the AYP lessons, we gain a deeper understanding of how yoga postures relate to and enhance our overall yoga experience.

Yogani has provided us with several sequences of yoga asanas in the AYP teachings. These sequences are specifically designed to prepare our nervous system for the sitting practices, such as meditation. By engaging in yoga asanas before meditation, we experience a slowing down of the heart rate and metabolism. This prepares our body and mind for a state of calmness, focus, and receptivity during meditation and other sitting practices.

While physical yoga asanas that raise the heart rate can be beneficial, Yogani suggests placing them towards the end of our sitting practices. The primary focus in the AYP system is to activate the parasympathetic part of our nervous system, often referred to as the "Rest and Digest" response. Yoga Asanas within the AYP framework help us cultivate a state of relaxation and ease, making them ideal for transitioning into sitting practices, where stillness and introspection are paramount.

In this course, we will explore the AYP Starter Kit and Enhanced Asana Sequences provided by Yogani. These sequences serve as valuable tools to support our practice and prepare us for deeper experiences in meditation and pranayama.

Furthermore, we will also delve into non-AYP asana practices that work in a similar way, slowing down the heart rate and metabolism. These practices offer us a broader perspective on yoga asanas and provide additional opportunities to enhance our overall well-being.

In addition to yoga asanas, we will incorporate the practices of mudras and bandhas in this course. These techniques allow us to become more attuned to the subtle body, known as the Pranamaya Kosha, and learn how to direct energy within ourselves. By exploring these practices, we can deepen our awareness of the energetic aspects of yoga and enhance our overall experience on the mat and beyond.

So, let's continue this transformative journey by integrating yoga asanas with sitting practices, meditation, and pranayama. Together, we will cultivate a harmonious balance between the physical body and the subtle dimensions of our being. Remember, each step along the way brings us closer to a profound union of body, mind, and spirit.

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