Lesson 4.0 - The AYP Asana Starter Kit ~

AYP Asana Starter Kit

Day 1 “The Starter Kit”

Welcome to Day 1 of our practice session! Today, we will be learning and practising the AYP Starter Kit, which consists of a series of foundational yoga asanas. Get ready to explore these asanas, deepen your understanding, and experience the transformative power they hold.

In this combined learning and practice video, we will guide you through each asana, providing the necessary information and cues to help you learn and perform them correctly. Let's take a look at the asanas we will be covering today:

Heart Centering: 

These gentle opening movements help us connect with our breath and heart as well as to cultivate a sense of grounding and inner balance.

Knees to Chest Roll: 

This movement helps release tension in the lower back, massages the abdominal organs, and promotes relaxation.

Kneeling Seat: 

This posture encourages proper alignment of the spine and cultivates stability and strength in the core muscles.

Sitting Head to Knee: 

A seated forward bend that stretches the hamstrings, lengthens the spine, and promotes flexibility.

Shoulder Stand: 

This inverted posture promotes circulation, stimulates the thyroid gland, and brings a sense of calmness and mental clarity.


A continuation of the Shoulder Stand, this asana further stretches the spine, shoulders, and back of the legs.

Seal of Yoga 

The Yoga Mudra, also known as the Seal of Yoga, is a powerful gesture that combines the elements of asana and pranayama,. It is a seated posture where we bring our hands together behind the back into a specific position to facilitate the flow of energy within the body.


This gentle backbend strengthens the back muscles, opens the chest, and improves posture and spinal flexibility.


A strengthening pose that targets the muscles of the back, legs, and buttocks, improving overall body tone and stability.

Half Spinal Twist: 

This seated twist promotes spinal mobility, massages the internal organs, and stimulates digestion.

Abdominal Lift: 

An energising technique that activates the abdominal muscles, massages the internal organs, and improves digestion.

Standing Back Stretch: 

This standing pose stretches the entire back body, releases tension, and promotes a sense of expansion.

Standing Toe Touch: 

A forward bend that stretches the hamstrings, calves, and lower back, promoting flexibility and release.

Corpse Pose: 

The final relaxation posture, allowing the body and mind to integrate the benefits of the practice, promoting deep rest and rejuvenation.

Throughout this video, we will provide detailed instructions, alignment cues, and modifications to ensure that you can adapt the practice to your individual needs and capabilities. Remember to listen to your body, breathe deeply, and practise with mindfulness and self-compassion.

Now, let's begin our journey into the AYP Starter Kit as we learn and practise these foundational yoga asanas together. Get your mat ready, find a comfortable space, and let's dive in!

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