Lesson 7.0 - Day 3 Theory Video: Variations on the AYP Asana Starter Kit Part 2 ~

Day 3 “Variations for the Starter Kit (part 2)” 

Welcome to Day 3 of our 21-Day Yoga Asana Journey! 

Today's learning video focuses on variations for the Shoulder Stand, Plough, and Seal of Yoga (Yoga Mudra) poses. We will also explore a sitting posture called Siddhasana, as well as Kumbhaka (breath retention) and Mulabandha, which will be incorporated into the Seal of Yoga exercise.

We will begin by delving into variations for the Shoulder Stand pose. Shoulder Stand is a powerful inversion that offers numerous benefits, including improved circulation, relaxation, and stimulation of the thyroid gland. In the learning video, we will explore different modifications and variations to make this pose accessible and safe for practitioners of different levels. We will discuss proper alignment, the use of props, and variations that allow for a gradual progression into the full expression of the pose.

Following the Shoulder Stand, we will explore variations for the Plough pose. Plough pose is a forward fold that helps stretch the back body, increase flexibility in the spine, and stimulate the abdominal organs. We will discuss different approaches to enter and deepen the Plough pose, focusing on proper alignment, breath awareness, and modifications to accommodate individual needs and limitations. With these variations, you will be able to explore the benefits of the pose while maintaining a safe and supportive practice.

Next, we will dive into the Seal of Yoga, also known as Yoga Mudra. The Seal of Yoga is a seated posture that combines breath retention (Kumbhaka) and the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles (Mulabandha). In the learning video, we will explore the correct technique for Kumbhaka and Mulabandha, which involve holding the breath and engaging the pelvic floor respectively. These practices enhance energy flow, inner stability, and the awakening of dormant spiritual forces. We will discuss the importance of proper alignment and provide guidance on incorporating Kumbhaka and Mulabandha into your Seal of Yoga practice.

In addition to these poses, we will introduce Siddhasana, a sitting posture commonly used for meditation. Siddhasana helps stabilise the body and cultivate a grounded and focused state of mind. We will explore proper alignment, modifications, and variations to accommodate different body types and levels of flexibility.

Throughout the learning video, we will provide detailed explanations, demonstrations, and cues to help you understand the key elements of each posture and practice. We encourage you to approach these variations with an open mind, respecting your body's limitations and progressing at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Now, it's time for the practice video, where we will integrate what we learned in the learning video. We will move through a sequence that includes the variations for Shoulder Stand, Plough, and the Seal of Yoga, as well as the variations for the poses covered in the previous lessons.

Note: In some schools of yoga the posture where the knees are taken down to the ears from the plough posture, is referred to as "Karnapidasana".

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